We are back!

It’s been a while since we were not active in this blog due to several reasons! One of the reasons was that we could not access our blog hence unable to post updates of our activities almost a year!
If you have missed some of the important developments over a year then this blog may give you a quick access to all of them!
Over the year, we have introduced new programs such as space robotics in schools, national online space speech competition, junior category of the national astronomy Olympiad respectively. In the meantime, we have also worked on our existing programs such as Women in Science Award (WiSA), senior category of national astronomy Olympiad, community/school/corporate outreach packages, membership schemes, etc.
We also develop our guideline for partnership and collaborations in 2020 and beyond in order to  make sure it will become stable and sustainable. As our activities has been growing, this is one of the major challenges we are facing and want to reduce in coming days. In order to sustain the growth of our activities, our team at Kathmandu office has been working hard to identify the potential partners and draft clear partnership module. Not only we want  to increase our activities but also want to make sure the quality of our activities in coming days. 
With a support of Dr. Suman Satyal, member of our Scientific Advisory Committee, we have managed to set up our Paypal Account (our global window) to help our members outside Nepal to pay their membership dues, etc. We believe, it will also allow us to accept generous support from community outside Nepal to support our initiatives and activities. If you have seen us creating positive impact in our society and would like to be a part of it through your generous support, please contact us. Together we can bring big difference in our society.
Our team has grown in time and we have started hiring paid position from 2020. Thank you very much for staying with us and supporting us by all means! Ms. Janaki Chhantyal has been appointed as our program officer and the first paid position within our community! She has more than a decade long experience of science teaching in school/s in Pokhara and has completed Masters in Science with majors: Astrophysics and Plasma Physics. Lets welcome her in our community!

To know more about our team, please visit www.nepalastronomicalsociety.org/about-us/

We would like to thank all our well-wishers, supporters, partners, volunteers, interns, members and office staffs to make our dream possible!
We look forward to welcoming you in our efforts to create astronomy and space science accessible to all in Nepal!

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