Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) is an organization of highly motivated people in Nepal and abroad. Its main aim is to create strong scientific community within the country and provide a common platform for all astronomy/astrophysics/space science enthusiastic.  It promotes science and technology in the country via its outreach, education and research activities on astronomy and space science in Nepal. Our programs are designed to address a child at elementary school to a researcher at university level in order to foster scientific temper in our society.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Edward Guinan

Dr. Michele Gerbaldi

Dr. Maria Cunninghum

Dr. Sanjaya Paudel

Dr. Prajwal Kafle

Dr. Suman Satyal

Executive Office

Mr. Suresh Bhattarai

Ms. Manisha Dwa

Mr. Gopal Niraula

Er. Sudip Bhattrai

Narayan Dhital


Dr.-Eng. Rishi Shah