Our outreach programs are designed to address curiosity and excitements at communities, schools, and universities. Our outreach programs are basically,

We have been regularly writing articles on astronomy since 2007. You can read them every month in ‘The Rising Nepal’, English National Daily and in our blog. We have been working with all major media houses since 2007 and continuously supporting/requesting/encouraging them to cover the major stories of Astronomy and Space Science (If you write articles, feel free to send us. We will review them and publish in our blog and also help you to get them to publish in major newspapers/magazines in Nepal). Our astronomy talk series provides an opportunity for both researcher and the students to share their passion for astronomy and space science. The frequency of the talks depends on the availability of the researchers/speakers (If you are a researcher and should like to join our talk series, please contact us). Stargazing is one of our most popular outreach activities which provide an opportunity to the people to access the telescope and observe the day and night sky giving lifetime experience! If you would like to host our school/community outreach program, feel free to contact us.   telPress releases on the major astronomy/space science events/happenings are one of the best ways to outreach. Whether there will be an eclipse or planetary alignment or comet sighting, we are the most trusted source of information to the media houses and the public in Nepal. We have already developed a layout for our astronomical animation series for TV and radio programs.
Personal Solar Telescope (PST)'

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