Our educational programs are primarily an informal. We have been conducting informal classes of astronomy and space science at schools/colleges and advocating for the integration of A & A in all levels of education: from primary level to university level since 2007. Tribhuvan University (TU) offered Astrophysics at for Two Years M.Sc. Physics program in 2008. TU is the only university in Nepal that offers M.Sc. Physics program in Nepal. TU has recently introduced ‘Space Science’ as elective paper in the third year of recently implemented Four Years Graduate Program.

For high school level, we are conducting different educational program like Human Orrey, a two dimensional planetarium on ground, Olympiad program. As teachers are the at focus for all educational programs, we routinely conduct training and workshops to discuss science curriculum, problem encountered during the classes and on how to engage the students for better understanding of subject matters with various hands-on activities in schools/colleges. For primary level education, we are implementing programs of Universe Awareness (UNAWE) in Nepal.

Some of our flagship programs to date are as follows:

Similarly, we have been providing our assistance for students/researchers of social sciences/ journalism during their project and thesis related to astronomy/society/ mass media, etc.

Currently, we are developing a curriculum for the teaching module to address senior high school and university students who wish to pursue their career in astronomy/astrophysics and space science.

If you are a science teacher and would like to become a part of our teachers’ network and work on our different educational programs, please feel free to contact us.

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