Thirty Juniors will participate in the second round of NAO2021!

After the careful evaluation of all the documents including the online test that we held on June 26, 2021 across the country, we have selected 30 students to join us for the second round. The second round is also known as pre-closed camp where students get an opportunity to explore their writing, exploring and instrumentation skills.
Congratulations to all the students selected for the second round. Selected students will receive several assignments this month as a part of pre-closed camp which they need to submit to our office virtually or physically depending upon the type of the assignments. As we are pacing COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of the assignments may vary in order to help students to avoid contacts with people outside their home hence infection! Stay home, stay safe! 
About NAO:
National Astronomy Olympiad (NAO) is an early stage talent hunt program for the school students in Nepal. It’s an annual program for junior (class 8-10) and senior (class 11-12) students in Nepal providing an opportunity to learn communication, collaboration, critical thinking and critical writing to for their personal growth to support their academic career in STEAM field in future. The program has three stages namely first round (entrance exam), second round (pre-closed camp) and third round (closed camp) respectively which are usually held between January -July of each year. This year due to COVID-19, we have faced some delays in our program.

To learn more about the program, please
What after NAO?
NAO is a gateway for the deserving students to get eligible for the participation at the following international Olympiads:
For more information about Nepal’s preparations for these international Olympiads, please call NASO Office at 9843708248 or visit our office located at Battishputali, Kathmandu! 

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