Our asteroid search program has three components: trainining, campaign and mentorship respectively. All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign is a program providing an unique opportunity to people who wants to discover their asteroids and name in real! Yes, we provide real data and your your discovery will be real if any! In order to help people find more asteroids, we have created a dedicated training sessions for the interested people to learn the process so that they have greater chance to discover asteroids when they participate in campaigns. 

Registration Open now for the 2081 NASO Asteroid Search Training-I. Click here to register now. Limited seats available!


Asteroid Search Training

In order help teams to search effectively, we organize asteroid search training session each month at nominal cost! These training sessions help students of each team to get peer guidance from our team enabling them to work efficiently. The fund raised from the training sessions is used for supporting NASO outreach activities in Nepal. 

We provide on demand training at school/college, etc. For more details, please contact our office.

We have successfully trained participants from India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brunei and UAE so far who been doing great job in searching asteroids in our asteroid search campaign and International Asteroid Search Campaign. We encourage our trained participants once certified to apply for our All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign, International Asteroid Search Campaign or your country specific asteroid search program to discover new asteroids! Keep hunting, keep discovering! 

Training registration is an individual unlike campaign registration. If you or your team want to apply for campaigns but do not know how to search asteroids, you or each members of your team should apply (including teachers/mentors from your school- if he or she does not know the process) to our training.

It is not necessary to have your own team or mentor/s from the school/s to join our training program. The training provides you enough networking and collaborative opportunities which helps you to form your energetic team/s! In case, you find any difficulties finding mentors, we will assign one from our office.

Please note that we do not participating in our training does not guarantee your participation in campaign/s. Our training and Campaign are two separate yet related programs in terms of skills development and application required to hunt asteroids as a part of our Asteroid Search Initiative.


Asteroid Search Campaign

All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign (ANASC) is a hands-on astronomy program for astronomy enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to make original discoveries of asteroids at Free of cost! It provides high-quality data to the students to get the taste of astronomical research and discoveries.

For the students below 13 years, parent or guardian has to be in the search team as per the guideline from IASC and NASA. For people with age 13 yrs and above, they can participate on their own.

ANASC dates for the year 2024 are listed below:

  • January 5 – 30, 2024

  • February 5 – 29, 2024

  • March 6 – April 1, 2024

  • April 5 – 30, 2024

  • May 3 –  28, 2024   

Below are some important information for you if you are planning to participate in one of our trainings or campaigns and learn and discover asteroids!

Who can participate ?

Anyone who wants to have hands-on experience to make original discoveries searching asteroid from world-class telescopes can participate in the program. Priorities will be given to school students but university students can equally apply for the program.

How to participate?

  • Form a team of 2-4 people from your school or community.
  • Decide your team name! You team can be named after your school, college, clubm etc
  • Fill the team registration form
  • Wait for the confirmation of your team registration. Registration will be reviewed on the basis of team formation, gender balance and access to good working stations (workable computer/internet)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation for the team registration for a school/college/club?

We don’t have restriction for teams from a single school but we prefer to have diversity in our each campaign. So, if we receive two teams from a school, we may choose only one team so that the next team slot will be available for another school/team.

What are the technical requirements?

The participating team must have access to computer/laptop with good internet connection and commitment to work seriously. We will be working on the real data so we want the registered team working like a real astronomer/astrophysicist!

Is there any fee to participate in the campaign?

There is no fee for the registration in the campaign. However, we receive ~50 teams and select only 15 teams so it’s really competitive. 

What are the chances of my team being selected?

NASO is committed for diversity and inclusion at the same time review all the applications carefully. Hence, the team which have at least one female member, team members with adequate knowledge of the search process and good understanding of the Astrometry are plus increase the chance of your team being selected. 

If you have any queries regarding this program or would like to sponsor this program, please feel free to send us message in our Facebook page or call us at 9843708248 (NASO Office) during office hours. Thank you!

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