Call for Proposal: Telescopes for All 2020!

We are pleased to share that IAU Office of Astronomy Outreach (IAU OAO) has call for the proposal from people around the world or its new project where they will be distributing 15 telescopes globally. 
***The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2020***

***Winners will be announced by June 15, 2020***

We encourage applications related to our IAU Global Outreach Events for 2020, especially in alignment with IAU OAO Inspiring Stars Program, in which the IAU endorses best practices for inclusive astronomy outreach. The main goal of the program is to broaden the horizons of children, parents and educators alike, sparking an interest in science and raising awareness for equal opportunities for pursuing a career in astronomy.
If you want to participate, reach out to IAU National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) for Nepal and present them your proposal to request an endorsement.
We encourage schools, college, clubs, individuals or amateur groups to apply for this call for proposal so that if they win the telescope they can serve their community with astronomy outreach. Priority will be given to activities that tackle gender equality and take underrepresented groups into account. 

Though IAU National Outreach Coordinators are also eligible to participate, IAU National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) for Nepal will not participate in order to provide equal/fair opportunity to everyone applying from Nepal! 

Submission Format

Submit one paragraph  (maximum 300 words) describing how and where the telescope will be used to inspire children with astronomy in Nepal.

Submission Process

  1. Individual/school/college/club/group submit the proposal to IAU NOC for Nepal for endorsement
  2. IAU NOC for Nepal provides endorsement
  3. Individual/school/college/club/group submit the proposal and proof of endorsement from IAU NOC for Nepal to the IAU OAO via email ( with the subject line: Telescopes for All 2020 

Submissions will be evaluated based on

  1. creativity
  2. impact
  3. sustainability

About the Telescopes

The telescope is a refractor Bresser 90/900 and will be delivered with a special mount, custom-made by ATM group “kijkerbouw VSRUG” (Ghent Belgium) for the project SSVI. The equipment comes complete with telescope tube, viewfinder, zenith prism, one accompanying eyepiece plössl 25mm and the mount. This telescope can be used to observe the Moon, the planets of our Solar System, some of their moons, and the most bright Messier objects (for example the Orion Nebula, globular clusters and binary stars). A sun filter is also included.

​Notes on Shipping

Winners will be sent a telescope (in one single package) with a tracking number. Information about the educational value of the telescope will be included. The recipient of the telescope will be responsible for any local expenses (like customs taxes). It is not possible to resend the telescope, so accurate address and contact phone number should be provided.

If you have any queries or need assistance or further information about the project, please feel free to contact our office,
Nepal Astronomical Society
House No. 39/30, Manjushree Marg
Battishputali, Kathmandu
44621, Bagmati, Nepal 

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