All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign (ANASC) is a hands-on astronomy program for the high school students with a unique opportunity to make original discoveries of asteroids. It provides high-quality data to the students to get the taste of astronomical research and discoveries. Prior to each search campaign, two-day workshop is organized in order to familiarize students in a campaign for their successful discoveries!

The asteroid search campaign was first introduced in Nepal in 2012 as ‘SGAC Asteroid Search Campaign’ coordinated by Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) for the university level students. During the time, several teams were forms which were reduced to only one team per country! We are now offering this program for high school students (class 9-12) only. Since 2012, participants at our campaigns had more than hundred preliminary discoveries. in Nepal.

We are currently accepting team registration from a student from high school from province 3 until December 15, 2018, or until the thirty-team get registered! 

***Upcoming Campaign: December 28, 2018 – January 23, 2019***


Who can participate ?

Anyone who is a high school student (class 9-12) and wants to have hands-on experience to make original discoveries searching asteroid from world-class telescopes can participate in the program.

How to participate?

Interested students/school can contact us at 977-9843708248 for registration details. Each team can have max. of five participants. Effective search teams are those teams which have team members from the same classes.

Is there any limitation for the team registration for a school?

We don’t have a restriction on team registration from a school at the moment. As we are looking for enthusiasts/hardworking and passionate students who are looking for an opportunity to get original astronomical discoveries during their school, we may register more than one team from a school.

When are the next campaigns?

The campaign runs several times a year. Due to a technical limitation, we provide take only thirty teams each time. For a full list of campaigns, please contact our office.

What are the technical requirements?

The participating team must have access to computer/laptop with good internet connection (at least 512kbps or preferably 1Mbps).

If you have any queries regarding this program or would like to sponsor this program, please feel free to write us