NAO2018 First Round Result Published Today!

We are pleased to announce the result of the first stage/round of our 5th National Astronomy Olympiad 2018 which was held on Saturday, February 17, 2018! Total of thirty-three students who scored 50/100 have been selected for the second round. The details of the second round will be available to all the selected students soon.
***Click here for the press release on the result***
We would like to thank all our team members who worked hard to make it happen again. Without their support and guidance from our seniors, the event was not possible! We look forward to host this competition in Province 2, 6 and 7 in 2019 as possible! (If you are from these province and would like to join our team, please feel free to contact us with your credentials).
The performance of the students during the first round is really impressive and we beleive they will continue this spirit during the whole competition! 
The second round will select twenty students out of these thirty-three students for the final round i.e. close camp. The final round selects the top five students of the year around June/July.
Congratulations to all the selected students and best wishes for the upcoming second round (pre-close camp)!

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