Get Ready for the Leonid Meteor Shower Peak on Saturday, November 18, 2018!

Are waiting for a moment to find shooting star at the starry night over Nepal? If yes, then start preparing for your backpack to find one of the dark locations around you for the observation! If you can’t move due to several reasons, you can still enjoy the view from your rooftop or nearby open space!


If you are reading this line, we assume you are ready to go further to prepare yourself for the observation! Welcome to the world of meteor astronomy <3

While saying you need to prepare beforehand for the observation, you might be wondering what is supposed to prepare for? Below is the list of things you need to be prepared beforehand if you really into meteor observation, at least for few hours!

Where should we look for those meteors?
Well, the name itself tells us half of the story in this part! As the name suggests, the radiant is located at the Leo, Zodiac Constellation, we are primarily supposed to look at the region around/nearby this constellation!

How do you recognize Leo in the sky?
Leo´s most notable feature is a backward question mark called the Sickle, which forms part of Leo´s mane. At the very bottom of the Sickle is Regulus, a blue-white star. In the easternmost part of Leo, is a triangle of stars, giving form to Leo´s tail and hind legs. The brightest star in this triangle is named Denebola. The rest of the stars in the constellation of Leo form the body of the lion with Regulus depicting the lion´s heart.

How to find Leo in the night sky over Nepal during Shower?

Please refer to the sky map available in this blog for more insight. The map shows the sky over Kathmandu at 1:30 am, Sunday, November 18, 2018. (As per Nepali calendar it is still a Saturday Night-a day is from one sunrise to another sunrise)!
When is the best time to observe?
The best time to observe Leonid Meteor Shower this year is between Saturday Saturday midnight to Sunday morning before sunrise. To be more specific from 12:30 am -5:30 am on Sunday, November 18, 2018!
Does the observation need any equipment?
You don’t need any additional equipment! your eyes are enough to enjoy the view! If you are wearing glasses, don’t forget to wear it! 
It will be very cold outside during the night, what to do?
Well, this is the reason many people avoid watching this excellent celestial view! You need to keep yourself warm as much as possible. For this, you can wear multiple layers of clothes which keeps you warm. For a better view, you can use chair/s or bed to lay down and enjoy the night sky!
Still did not get an idea of how you could enjoy this spectacular meteor shower? Click on the photo to watch the video.
 Happy Hunting! Feel free to share your experience with us a comment on this post! 

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