Astrofest Nepal 2018: Look upward to unravel the mistery!

On the occasion of Global Astronomy Month (GAM)Central Department of Physics (CDP) organized AstroFest Nepal 2018 at Department premises, Kirtipur on April 22, 2018. The event was supported by B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board, Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), Pokhara Astronomical Society (PAS) and Beyond Apogee.

During this event students got chance to know about cosmology studies from Dr Uday Raj Khanal.  His speech on the topic of cosmology and astronomy gave new insight to the world of astronomy. Also the talk session of Dr Binil Aryal (Head of Central Department of Physics) helped student to know about current condition of physics and astronomy in Nepal. The presentation of Mr Suresh Bhattarai (Chairman of NASO) helped student to know about astronomy, engineering and outreach projects handled by NASO team for promotion and implementation of science and technology. Sabin Gautam (Treasurer of PAS) presented the ideas and activities of Pokhara Astronomical Society. Sudip Vikram Adhikari (Chairman of Beyond Apogee) presented the idea of CAN Satellite which could be easily programmed by school level students too which they termed as Sajilo Satellite.
For recreational and talent exposure purpose many student of department of physics presented their poems related to universe and astronomy. Various posters and quotes of scientific minds could be seen on the premise of the college too. The event was attended by around hundred students and visitors. After 5:00 PM observation session was jointly organized by CDP, NASO and PAS in which visitors got chance to observe the Moon and Venus. Also visitors were informed about the types of telescopes used for the observation.
This event thus helped the student and visitors to know about the astronomy, cosmology, physics study in Nepal and the activities related to these topics done by various organizations for promoting and implementing science in Nepal.

The Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is the largest global celebration of astronomy, celebrated every year in April by organizing different astronomical events like Astro-art, Astro-star party, Astro-poetry, Astro-concert etc. The motto of the GAM is to bring interested people together to encourage participation in programs related to astronomy and astrophysics. The main aim of conducting this event is to bring new opportunities for interested and enthusiastic persons to celebrate the Global Astronomy Month. 

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