Total of Ninety Seven Asteroids Discovered during September Campaign in Nepal!

All-Nepal Asteroid Search Campaign, September 3-30, 2018 which was focused on province 1 with 17 different schools from the province resulted with ninety-seven asteroids discovered! The discoveries are of preliminary status at the moment. There will be follow-ups for the discovered objects and if confirmed will receive provisional status. We look forward to some good news in the coming days!
Total of 30 teams worked on the search. Among them, seventeen schools were from province 1 and two from province 3. Rest of the team were from NASO volunteers and members! Total of 104 people worked on this search during the campaign. 
Photo 1: Group photo of the participants during a two-day orientation program held on September 4-5, 2018 at Itahari International College (IIC), Morang.
Photo 2: Students learning to use astrometric and discussing possible problems that may encounter during the campaign.
During 2018-2019, we decided to run the campaigns with a focus to a particular province at a time and the September campaign was one of them! With the success of the campaign, we are currently working with science teachers in other provinces! If you are a science teacher and would like to bring this program to your school or province, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Looking for the latest updates about our next campaign? Feel free to visit
We look forward to coming to our city! Happy hunting! 

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