Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) in association with Terraztra Space Exploration is pleased introduce project ‘Terranaut’ in Nepal in July, 2017! Cosmo Run Space Dash online mobile game was launched on November 10, 2018!


FAQ about Terranaut Nepal Program

What is Terranaut Nepal?

It is a special program of Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) in collaboration with Terraztra Space Exploration which provides a beautiful opportunity to train like a Yuri Gagarin for 3 people from Nepal.

How will be top three people selected?

Interested people need to play online mobile game called ‘Cosmo Run Space Dash’. The game is currently available in adroid version only. Top three scorers in the game who are Nepali citizen of 18-65 years of age will be selected for the Russia.

What will do the selected 3 people in Russia?

These 3 people will be provided flight tickets to visit moscow during June-September, 2018 (~period of FIFA 2018 and beyond) to train like “Yuri Gagarin”. They will be able to ride tanks , eat space food and of course wear space suit.

Who will go to the edge of the space?

Nepali participants along with other participants (in total 14 people) willl be evaluated for their performance during the training program in Russia.* The best performer of these 14 people will have an opportunity to see the Edge of Space.

*Currently there is the program is available for Nepal only and ‘Edge of Space’ is subject to availability.


Latest updates

  • Terranaut Nepal is now available for all Nepali citizen of age 18-65 years. Anyone who is of 18-65 years age and a Nepali citizen and plays our online mobile game ‘Cosmo Run Space Dash’ will be a part of our ‘Terranaut Nepal’ program.
  • Social Media groups started supporting campaign to promote Cosmo Run Space Dash app providing an opportunity to every interested and enthusiastic people to be a part of our initiative in Nepal.
  • Cosmo Run Space App has been launched on November 10, 2017 marking World Science Day 2017 during a program at South Western State College, Bashundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. The app is open to all Nepalese who wants to be a part of our Terranaut Nepal project and get a chance to visit Russia for training in 2018. The top three scorers of the game will be selected! The selection can be done during May – September 2018 depending on the availability of the training facility and confirmation from our parter: Terraztra Space Exploration in Russia.
  • Facebook and Instragram Contest Winners (14 people) got first access to the event app: Cosmo Run Space Dash for beta test!
  • Selected participants are provided an opportunity to work on #Mission1: Let’s save Earth from Climate challenges and #Mission2: Let’s develop Parachute and Landing Technique which will help them to get special rewards in Cosmo Run Space Dash App (game).
  • 652 people selected from pre-selection for Terranaut Nepal. Selected participants will get an access to the main part of the project: Cosmo Run Space Dash Mobile App (game) which will be launched soon!

You can now download #CosmoRunSpaceDash from Google PlayStore for your android phones or from! Let’s play to explore the space!

The mission #1 and mission #2 submission deadline has been extended till December 31, 2017

First of all, we would like to congratulate to all seven winners of facebook competition who have now access to our app CosmoRun.

For all the applicants, we have now created two missions as listed below. For the People who are participating in Terranaut this is obligatory.

Mission #1 Let’s save Earth from Climate challenges

In this phase of selection process, candidates are given three topics to present their ideas. They can choose on any one of the following topics.

  1. Global Climate Change – The Physical Science Basis
  2. Global Climate Change – Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
  3. Mitigation of Global or Local Climate Change

The submission of your ideas must be in one of the following categories

  1. 800 – 1000 words Article. ( only 2-5 people in group are allowed)
  2. 30 Points/sentences. (Individual Entry )
  3. 1 Minute Video Speech. (Individual Entry )
  4. Documentary styled Video Maximum of 8 minutes ( Group entry of maximum 8 people are allowed)

Please note

– Language of the contents should be in English/Russian
– Deadline for submission December 31,2017
Click here to submit your work


Mission #2 Let’s develop Parachute and Landing Technique

In this phase of selection process ,candidates are asked to develop a parachute system for safe landing.

Requirements for the mission.

  1. To drop an Egg with a parachute as high as possible
  2. The maximum mass of parachute system should be 15% of the egg total mass
  3. The Egg should be able to land 50 cm*50 cm Landing area
  4. Send us the video and documentary of how you were able to accomplish the task

The evaluation process for the mission.

  1. The higher the egg is dropped is better
  2. The closer the egg lands near to the Landing area is better
  3. The lighter the parachute system is better
  4. Teamwork spirit

Consideration for the Team.

  1. A group of 5 members is allowed
  2. A minimum of 3 people is needed to participate in this competition
  3. Only one candidate who was selected prior should be in each group
  4. Age members for the team 13+
  5. Family and friends are considered as a team

Please note :

– The language of the video should be in English/Russian
– Deadline for submission December 31,2017
Click here to submit your work