4th National Astronomy Olympiad 2017 Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announced the winners of our 4th National Astronomy Olympiad 2017 (NAO2017) which was held during January-July in Nepal.
The winners of NAO2017 are:
Upon hearing the selection, the winners expressed their feeling with us as:
Bijaya Chanra Luitel, First winner/Absolute Winner

“Taking part in NAO2017 was a fantastic experience! It was wonderful to meet new faces after the incredible experience of last year. It felt incredible to come in the top 5 again and I can safely say I have gained many more valuable experiences over the course of this Olympiad session.”

Tarun Timalsina, Second Winner
Thanks to the olympiad, my interest in astronomy and astrophysics has today developed into some level of expertise. If not for the olympiad, students like me who are passionate about astronomy would not have had this level of exposure. I’m really grateful that I was a part of the olympiad.

Bivek Lal Karn, Third Winner
I am very very happy to know that I’m selected in top five winners in NAO2017. First of all I thank my parents then my teachers , friends and all those who supported me to make this happen! NAO2017 gave an unforgettable experience and lots of things to learn. Thanks to NASO for creating such a beautiful platform for astronomy enthusiast.

Binaya Raj Paudyal, Fourth Winner
I am delighted being top five in prestigious and competitive, Annual Astronomy competition: 4th National Astronomy Olympiad 2017. Standing as top five students among well-deserving and equally-talented participating friends is a blissful experience.

Anubhav Sharma, Fifth Winner
Being a national winner was one of the happiest moments of my life and it has inspired me to explore more about the mysterious universe. Also, I feel a sense of responsibility that I should use my knowledge to contribute to society in any ways possible.
Congratulations to all five students for their great success! We look forward to your active participation in upcoming astronomy olympiads as possible.
The final ranks of students at closed camp is as listed below:
Winners and the participants of the closed camp will be awarded certificates and medals during a special function in Kathmandu, Nepal!
Looking forward to take part in our 5th National Astronomy Olympiad 2018? 
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